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2017. Locations: Habima square, Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan Museum.

How does space become a home?​

Full movie: 4:21H

When a private bed appears in a public space it transforms the space. People stop in their tracks and are deeply intrigued - some lie down and some even cuddle.

A bed is a symbol of a home. It contains our most intimate secrets and habits. Walls and a roof are not enough, without a bed it is but a simple structure.

'The Bed' project examines the relationship between the public and the private domain, and questions how a "home" can exist in a public space?

The documentation of the bed in its new location reveals the habits, behaviors and intimacy of an entire population that had, hitherto, been kept secret within the privacy of their homes.

Today, life has changed remarkably. The public space has become a digital one. The use of video cameras has allowed people to work and communicate from their home, their couch and from their bed - In comfortable clothes and even in their pajamas. Thus, without filters or editing, people's private world is now exposed to this 'new' public space.  

This project documents the interaction of people with the bed, which has been placed in Habima Square. A fixed camera records these unique and special moments which involve Individuals, couples, groups of friends and families who all feel at home. They all share their personal moments and a large group of skaters make use of it in a different way.  

The excitement of exposing this intimacy is evident but is it equally exciting these days?

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