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Enabling space

2018. Location: Amal highschool, Tyibe, Israel

Let's play

In the game Mikado (pick up sticks), the starting point is from the center, from where the sticks held together tightly are scattered randomly, which forms the boundary area for all the players. The players' choice of action stems from the position of the sticks and a different dynamic is created after each turn.

Farah is a tenth-grade student at Amal High School, Taibeh. She loves school and the classroom is her favorite place where she spends most of her time with her friends. The walls in the classroom instill in her a sense of security so she wants to fill the walls with art that are a reflection of her, and her classmates, personal expression.

In an attempt to understand why Farah does not often go out into the yard during school, I looked at the space. Firstly, regarding the dynamic that exists between the vegetation, the sun and the students. Secondly, focusing on the school’s main courtyard. The yard is very large so the students remain on the edges and leave the center empty and unused. There is seating on the periphery with some shade but the center of the courtyard has neither seating or shade.

Inspired by Farah, this project strives to bring the classroom experience to the school courtyard by way of vertical and flexible elements that allow for personal expression. Students can, at any time, sculpt them as they wish and take part in designing the courtyard. These elements were placed at certain points which I identified as requiring shading and additional seating. In this way, the school yard has become a dynamic focus that allows for different spatial situations which are created by the students themselves.

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