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Mita #2 

2022. Locations: Edmond de Rothschild center, Tel Aviv.

Photography: Neta Cones

Nimusin_ph_NetaCONES (33)_websize.jpg

“Your ability to Improvise will aid you in turning your home into a lovely corner, anywhere and under any circumstance...”


This is the second time Ronel Pines’ bed project is showcased on Rothschild Boulevard. The first time took place in 2017, when the artist installed the bed, a symbol of a domestic, intimate setting, in the bustling, centrally located Habima Square, in broad daylight. Onlookers were documented as they opted to sit on the bed, or even get underneath the crisp white sheets of the anonymous bed. Now, with the project on display within the four walls of a designated exhibition space, the bed as a symbol has undergone change. After many months of quarantine and illness at the face of the pandemic, the bed became a sanctuary in its own right. A home within the home. Perhaps a lost home, in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, which required many people to relocate, causing them to doubt the presence of this essential piece of furniture which could no longer be taken for granted. Visitors are welcomed into a bed that has become a living space and questions our ability to remain in it, at its current state.

Text from the exhibition catalog: Manners and Customs, Curator: Tali Kayam.

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