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2017. Locations: 2 Alonim street, Ramat - Gan.

Does the garden belong to the plants or to man?

40*40 cm


Epoxy, coffee

60*60 cm

Cardboard, iron

Photographer: Nir Portiansky

Plants are part of our existence. Their mere presence helps to maintain and protect the balance in our lives. From the beginning of mankind they were used to cover the body and we still use them to adorn our important occasions. Independent and free by nature, when we let them be, they flourish and die, sustaining the circle of life.

In an abandoned lot on 2 Alonim Street in the center of Ramat Gan, there is a phenomenon that embodies the essence of nature. This phenomenon began in 2009 from the moment it was abandoned until today - the plants are alive, 'concealing and protecting' the structure. Over the years the plants continue their life cycle– they flower, multiply, grow and then die.

This project aims to allow this piece of nature to continue to live. A kind of 'treasure' buried within the city. The public is invited to come to this garden and experience the wonder that was created between the plants and the building. Watch, stay, enjoy, explore and learn.

So does the garden belong to the plants or to man?

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