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The way of the sea 


The interval between sea and city, environment, me.

Bograshov beach, Tel Aviv

A non-stop cyclical movement of water. The sound of waves, wind, people, racquets, and a guy screaming “Ice-Cream”. The smell of fish and burning saltiness, with sand that sticks to your body from the humidity, getting everywhere. In that moment I am present. Everyone aligns themselves perpendicularly to the sea, so do I. Straightening my gaze and in one moment, everything connects forming a thin horizontal line.

Standing before it paralyzed by the strong sensation that penetrates my body. Some sort of regaining a sense of proportion along with being filled up with new energy. Filled up with inspiration. The interval that exists between us creates an addictive tension that makes me go back to the sea every time and search for it everywhere I am. It is always there; I’m getting closer and it creates distance. When I disconnect myself from the world, it suddenly appears before me and makes me feel good. Now I’m on Allenby street, and that the sea, where?

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